A fictitious conference based in Chicago focused on overcoming stigmas regarding mental health bias in the workplace and ways to improve benefits and incorporate empathy within leadership
Advisor: Annabelle Gould
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma
Duration: 10 weeks

Word Mark

The Shift word mark uses Hidde Inktrap and incorporates a grid, cubicle like structure using the dates and place. Shift is enlarged to showcase the inktraps as a representational acknowledgement of the gaps that are often overseen in the workforce.


Based off of an illustrator, Liana Finck, who's depictions of mental health showed a personable, imperfection and relatability towards neurodiverse people. I wanted to do a similar thing where it didn't show mental health as weak or negative but, rather something off beat but still comprehendable.


Shift flips the idea of the overused softness that is often associated with mental health identities and shows strength in developing empathy and addressing our bias towards diverse mentalities. The strong color palette is representational of both feelings (ex. "I'm feeling blue") and business (ex. Facebook, IBM, etc.) and combines them to represent a harmonious combination between these two seemingly different aspects.

Environmental Piece

Fun, supergraphic wayfinders to help guide the attendees within the convention on where to go! Honey, you got shrunk

Special Item

A relaxation/stress bag to help people who are in distress. Equipped with candles, essential oils, and journals to encourage mindfulness for people in their everyday life.